Safety & Hazard Reporting

This is a form of help desk system that provides a central management of safety hazards in organizations where safety is of high concern.

The system allows users to report safety hazards observed, assign them to specific people and track the progress for follow up on the issue.

The system provides a comprehensive reporting system that allows decision makers to point out the actual and current safety status of the organization.

  1. An incident is the general name for accidents (that may or may not result in injury), near misses and hazards.
  2. A near miss is a dangerous incident that could have led to serious injury or significant damage.
  3. A hazard is anything with the potential to cause damage to people, the environment, property, plant or equipment

Many organizations believe in Near Miss reporting. The benefits from identifying and eliminating the common causes of accidents before the loss occurs makes sense and is easy to understand. The problem is that very few organizations are able to do it. Our system Addresses this particular problem Organizations that have managed to achieve effective Near Miss reporting programs have achieved outstanding safety performance. Many Manufacturing Country that have deployed our system have reduced injury frequency by more than 90% within one year of achieving their goal in Near Miss Reporting.

In a basic sense, there are 3 primary outcomes of accidents or incidents.

  1. Harm to people,
  2. Damage to things, equipment and environment.
  3. Near Miss incidents.

There are 3 stages of control that our system addresses:

  1. Prevention
  1. Protection
  2. Containment