Cyber security assessment

Today’s threat landscape requires much more than a firewall at the perimeter and AV on the endpoint, you need defense in depth.

Cyber security assessment is a service entails risk-based approaches to examine and enhance defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks. The strategy helps identify threats that could affect the availability and reliability of a system. Overall, a business can get a better understanding of the capabilities of defenses put in place against malicious attacks

Get expert, in-depth analyses to help you reduce risk, minimize breach impact, and protect against future attacks

The ugly truth is that your organization has either been the victim of a recent cyber security breach, or it will be. Despite spending billions on cyber security—$75 billion last year, growing to $170 billion by 2020—the bad guys appear to be winning. “Breach is the new normal,” said Christina Richmond, program director for security services at IDC.

Whether from hackers, organized crime, rogue states, disgruntled and/or careless employees, by way of accident, malware and zero-day attacks, drive-by downloads, watering hole attacks, or denial and distributed denial of service (DoS/DDoS) attacks, the evidence of the escalating threat environment is everywhere:

Our Cyber Security Assessment and APT Detection and Remediation capabilities will identify and uncover any APT or malware activity within your network through our security assessment and network analysis. Our customers have experienced up to a 95% reduction in attempted phishing, virus, ransomware, and malware attacks using an effective approach to security awareness and training.

Cyber Security & Incident Response solutions from Fabtech will provide you with the following

Security assessment
Thorough network analysis
Threat remediation and cleanup
Actionable recommendations
Rapid response times