Backup Solutions

Easily protect more data while you reduce storage and management costs through integrated deduplication and archiving technology.

In the Information Age, we can’t go a day without needing to use a computer. As a result, a lot of important information is stored on our machines. Computers are prone to failure as much as any other type of electronics. And when they do, the results can be catastrophic.

As IT environments become more advanced, the job of backing up and retrieving data also grows in complexity. Enterprise backup software can ease this task by streamlining processes. Data backup continues to converge with other IT disciplines toward this end, and processes that have traditionally been performed separately have come under backup’s wing. Recent feature updates to backup software platforms include snapshot management, disaster recovery (DR) elements, support for cloud, virtual machine (VM) protection and archiving functionality.

There have also been developments aimed at speeding restore times as backup data sets have continued to grow. For example, recovery-in-place (also known as instant recovery) has emerged as a way to run production VMs directly from a backup instance during recovery.

At fabtech we provide Backup software that takes a backup of your critical business data for safe storage in case of data corruption or emergencies like a natural disaster. These disaster recovery tools can back up and restore files, databases, hard drives, folders, and even entire network servers. They are available for individual computers as well as networking devices, computers, and servers used by enterprises

Whether you’re a small business or an individual, backing up your files is an important exercise. The smallest thing could bring everything crashing to the ground, so you have to be prepared in case something happens. If your system stays safe, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you would be prepared in the event of a collapse.

We at Fabtech We have the right Backup solutions for you. We have partnered with the Best Backup solution Developers in the world.

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 delivers reliable Windows server backup and recovery designed for your growing business. Easily protect more data while you reduce storage and management costs through integrated deduplication and archiving technology. With this Windows server backup software, you can reduce business downtime, and ensure critical information on virtual or physical systems is always protected and restored in seconds.

Key Features:

  1. Market leading data protection for physical and virtual server environments from desktop to servers
  2. Integrated and adaptable deduplication
  3. Unified archiving
  4. First-to-market granular recovery for virtual applications
  5. Patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) recovers critical Microsoft application data in seconds
  6. Centralized 3-tier set-up, reporting and patch management
  7. Scalable heterogeneous support through remote Agents and Options.
  8. Continuous data protection for Exchange, file Servers, SQL servers and desktop data Innovative multi-product integration with market leading technologies

Key Benefits:

  1. Protect more data while you reduce storage and management costs
  2. Optimizing network utilization across physical and virtual environments with integrated deduplication technology
  3. Easily automate storage and management savings with efficient archiving and backup through a single console
  4. Eliminate redundant backups for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and SQL in a virtual environment with integrated VMware and Hyper-V protection
  5. Restore individual Exchange messages, SharePoint site items or documents, and Active Directory user preferences from a single-pass backup
  6. Easily manage a local or distributed backup environment through a single console
  7. Eliminate your backup window and help ensure recovery point objectives are easily met with continuous backup protection